Kumkumadi Oil

Your mom was right, saffron and sandalwood are back!

Rose Water
Rose flavour oil is for biriyani;
YOUR skin deserves distilled goodness.
Body Butter

Stop smearing liquid plastics on your skin

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Matcha Mode
"Fantastic product for hormonal acne." I am using this matcha mask twice a week since 2 months and it has cleared up my hormonal acne and my face feels supple and even toned.“


"I have sensitive and acne prone skin, Before I did this mask, i had some pimples and black heads here and there. I used it for 3 weeks and now my skin is clear and feels very clean PS: It makes your skin red as expected, It is because clay is drawing blood to your face. And it is working! Moisturise after masking"


"My skin feels firm, hydrated, and smooth." It calms my eczema. It's like my skin age is reversing with every use."


Pore Cleanse
"My skin is exposed to pollution and toxins from makeup every day, so I tried this deep detox on my face, and it worked perfectly." This will be my go-to detox ritual.


Feather Revieve
"It's exactly as gentle as it says." I have sensitive skin, and it just worked perfectly. It significantly reduced my pores and hyperpigmentation. I love it!"


Lavender Solitude
Everyone should try this. It is my savior. The smell of lavender calms my anxiety down. I put two spoons of this in the warm bath tub, and I feel so relaxed. "It is very moisturizing, and it relaxes my muscles after a long day as well as smoothing your skin."


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